Kenneth Troughton

Thralled: final game project, Unity3D, C#

January 2012 — December 2012

  • Designed and engineered an event-driven sound and music engine in Unity3D, collaborating with the audio and music producers to enrich our game with an interactive atmosphere and feel for players
  • Thralled Home
SuperCharged: mobile game, Java

Spring 2011

  • Implemented the audio engine and produced sounds for the different entities in our game and coded the collision detection systems that made this game a challenging yet entertaining experience on the Android platform
  • SuperCharged on Youtube
Lady in the Dark: PC game concept, C#

Spring 2011

  • Implemented the weapon, collision detection, and camera systems behind a World War II-themed, stealth-driven, flight simulator providing players with a unique, intense flight game based on true events
Umbra Lanterna: PC game concept, C#

Fall 2011

  • Produced game world layout and models and implemented grid based system to allow for shadow/light realm transitions and lantern mechanic
  • Contributed to the overall game design and flow for the time-based gameplay
  • Umbra Lanterna on Youtube
Mooovers: mobile game, Cocos2D, Objective C

Fall 2012

  • Produced and implemented in-game sounds and music for each interactive entity and developed their respective AI behaviors resulting in comical yet addictive gameplay
Concurrent Factory Simulator: simulation, Java

Spring 2011

  • Collaborated with a team to design and program an agent-based factory simulation with several autonomous simulated robots to demonstrate concurrency using a GUI to animate and control their functionality, providing a visual reference for the activities and state of each robot "agent"
Concurrent Restaurant Simulator: simulation, Java

Fall 2011

  • Designed and constructed an agent-based simulation utilizing concurrent programming, agent messaging, and synchronization techniques in the context of a real-world scenario, demonstrating the efficiency of this powerful software development technique
Gameplay Mechanic Demonstration: Java

Fall 2011

  • Wrote a simple GUI game demonstrating rudimentary AI and collision detection between various game objects
  • Game Mechanic on Youtube
Conway's Game of Life: simulation, C++

Fall 2010

  • Produced a grid-based simulation based on a concise rule set that simulates the growth and death of living cells in a two-dimensional space that demonstrates unpredictable, emergent behavioral patterns